GOE Engenharias help to sent vaccines and Covid tests to Vietnam

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With an investment of 2 billion euros in vaccines, 60 million vaccines, and 300 million in Covid tests for Vietnam, GOE Engenharias with Vietnamese company, Mekolor Joint Stock Company had sent 30 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 30 million doses of Pfizer, and 300 million CoVID test kits 19.

This situation was managed by Miss Carla Maia, the CEO of the GOE Engenharias, and structured and signed a large investment by a Swiss company IMMOBILIEN for investments in Vietnam.  

Immediately after the signing of this investment contract, the company pledged to finance around 2 billion euros for the purchase to buy all these things that will help a lot of people from Vietnam.

The founder of the Vietnamese company Mekolor is Mr. Vo Xuan Truong, and he collaborated a lot with the strategy to respond to the virus control difficulties, because everybody knows how difficult it is to live in poor countries like Vietnam.  

The arrival of free vaccines to the population depends on crediting the fund of the State Bank of Vietnam and Vietinbank, where the financial resources have already been received.

It was a very good option to increase world peace, and planting the idea that every human being is important to the world and that everyone deserves respect and a healthy and prosperous life

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